The Andibar was formulated in 2003 by Lisa Lewis, co-founder of the Autism Network for Dietary Intervention who recognized a need to fill the nutritional needs of children on the autism spectrum. Lisa worked with the food scientist at the manufacturing plant to create a bar that was high in protein but low in sugar, was gluten and casein free containing no artificial preservatives, flavorings or colors.

Transfer of Stewardship

When Lisa Lewis decided to concentrate on other aspects of the Autism Network for Dietary Intervention, the Andibar found a new home in the capable hands of Stephanie Weiss and Cynthia Cloutier. Stephanie being the mother of two sons, one with autism and the other with aspergers syndrome, discovered the Andibar several years ago in her search for foods which would provide her children with a good source of protein and other vital nutrients. Both Stephanie and her mother, Cynthia, are committed to guaranteeing the continuation of the availability of the Andibar which has contributed for so many years in providing necessary nutrition in a readily available source for folks on a restricted diet.